Major  label style 

songwriting camps

for up and coming artists


Apply the same record-making plan that major labels use to get the best songs

In this day and age, finding the perfect people to work with can be hard. Have you spent money going from producer to producer and still didn’t get exactly what you wanted? We eliminate that problem with a songwriting camp.

So what is a songwriting camp? You may already be familiar with them. For those that aren’t… It’s not a summer camp and it’s not a workshop or class.

A songwriting camp is where producers and writers get together and create many songs for you to choose from. This allows you to get exactly what you want.

Up until now, it hasn’t been cost effective for independent artists to do songwriting camps. With TheHookCo… Now it is.

So who are we?

We are a bunch of passionate music freaks that have been jamming together for years with panache and savoir faire. We can start many ideas on our own, but we always finish them together. That way, we can find the perfect sound that, at heart, defines you.